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Mission & Vision

The mission of Jupiter Theater Company LLC is to enrich the community and communicate universal truths through timeless theater.

We produce dramas seasonally, exploring works from both ancient and modern eras, for the enjoyment of the Northern Virginia community. Our goal with these productions is to cultivate wonder and inspire an appreciation for literature. We also offer educational opportunities to students who are eager to learn about drama both on and off the stage.

Our History

Jupiter Theater Company was established in 2019 to provide classical theater to the Northern Virginia community. Beginning with an outdoor production of Shakespeare's As You Like It, we have grown from there, always adding a twist to our performances, whether we perform in a two-play shared universe or a condensed time frame of two weeks. 

With each production and performance, we push ourselves to grow as actors, and we push ourselves to better understand the script, our characters, and the world around us. As the cast and crew grows, so our performance evolves.

In 2021, we decided to spread our drive for growth and share our experience and knowledge of theater with the younger generation. 
We look forward to exciting many more audiences for years to come!

Our Values


We aim to delight audiences with new and creative dramatic experiences, using immersion, audience participation, and innovative venues to surprise and delight the community.

Imaginative Presentation




We hold high objective, universal truths which are observed in the world around us and communicated through art. Our productions do not shun the hardships of reality; rather, we acknowledge how hard life is while still hoping for how life ought to be.

As You Like It_Theater in the Woods.jpg



Through classical and traditional designs in our costumes, aesthetics, and seating arrangements, we strive to bring various historical contexts to life and show how the events and customs of various periods affect the characters of our stories. Additionally, we perform new plays that depict historical events and figures to show how legends of the past changed the course of history when they appeared on the world stage.




As part of the hope we show in our productions, we encourage our audiences to find the beauty of life even amidst the pain of our characters. This value permeates every aspect of our shows, from the character details we highlight to our costume and set designs.




We engage and partner with our audience through interactive and accessible productions and education. Through dramatic portrayals of universal themes onstage and intentional appreciation for people offstage, we foster empathy and understanding in our cast, crew, and audience. While Jupiter Theater Company is not a community theater, we endeavor to make the company itself a community.

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