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Support Jupiter Theater Company

As a small business, our vision to provide classical theater to Northern Virginia requires help from friends like you. To help us grow, you can support us in three key areas.

Give Now


Thank you for your contribution!

Your Impact


Jupiter Theater Company was founded first and foremost as a theater troupe. We started with one play a year and now produce three plays every twelve months each with budgets ranging $1,000 - $5,000.

Donations will help cover props, costumes, and marketing.


As our company grows, so do our casts and crews. We are excited to share that growth and our experiences with the younger generations in the form of acting, directing, and theater classes.

Donations go toward instructor compensation, class materials, and classroom rentals.


Because Jupiter Theater Company does not own its own space, we rent venues for performances, rehearsals, and classes. While this allows us to tell stories on diverse stages and connect with different parts of the community, venue rentals are by far our largest expense.

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